4 thoughts on “Swantje photo”

  1. We are the new owners of Swantje, renamed Cygnus and currently lying on the hard in Deltaville, Virginia, US, awaiting minor work prior to relaunch later this summer. The tale of how she came from the Dominican Republic to the US following the passing of her original owner was featured in the January/February 2018 issue of Cruising World magazine. Her second owner, a professional captain, brought her into fine shape prior to our acquiring her in April 2018. She is hull number 8 of the 36 footers, and all of her paperwork indicates that she was built in 1988 rather than 1989. We hope to travel the world in this lovely traditional vessel.


    1. Dear Mack and Shelly. It is very nice to meet you and delighted to hear that Swantje, now Cygnus and that she is in good hands. I will definitely go and find that copy of her journey and I would be pleased to update the directory. Don’t hesitate to contact me by email on claire.skentelbery@gmail.com. I am the daughter of Paul Skentelbery who would have done most of the work building her originally and we had great fun tracking down as many boats as possible. I will update the directory now and look forward to staying in contact. Best regards, Claire.


    2. Good god, I just read the article – what an insane journey, nobody in their right mind would do that. Poor old Swantje looked very tired indeed and probably cost more to fix than she was actually worth. I am so happy that she arrived in one piece. Dad would have loved to know, unfortunately he passed away 5 years ago and our last few years before that time was spent building the owners club. He knew Klaus well also from the building phase and it was special to see the brass plate in the cockpit again.


  2. We are the owners of no 8, Cygnus, and she is labeled on both the hull and the title as a 1988, not a 1989, vintage. She is now back in the water cruising the U.S. east coast as our full-time home, taking very good care of us.


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